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Spin Mop & Bucket

Spin Mop & Bucket

Spin Mop & Bucket




The Amaze Magic Mop Swiveling microfiber mop head cleans hard-to-reach areas with a twisting action and, when placed in the bucket power system, rinses clean and dry with the push- spinning up to 600 rpm!

Why You Need This Spinning Mop?


360° Rotation; it rotates in every direction, efficiently cleaning whilst saving you time and energy.

Upgrade your cleaning experience with the Spin Mop & Bucket, featuring a 360° rotatable wet or dry mop that reaches every corner and gap on your floors.
Highly Absorbent Clothe; that easily absorbs liquid, dirt, dust, and everything else.
Dual Fast Turbo Head; that thoroughly washes your mop every time you dip it.
Flexible & Can Reach Deep Corners;no corner is unreachable thanks to the flexibility of the mop stick.
Effortless Drying
The foot pedal system dries the mop head with a simple turn, reducing drag and saving you effort. No need to bend over and risk back pain. The set includes one microfiber mop refill, and you can purchase three more, ensuring you won’t need additional mop heads for 1-2 years. Clean any area you desire with the versatile cleaning cloths.