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Hands Free Cat Laser Collar

Hands Free Cat Laser Collar

Hands Free Cat Laser Collar




Efficiency: Embrace the life of convenience as you say goodbye to manual lasers. Make sure to add a treat as a reward for your cat!
Easy to Use: Rechargeable battery and adjustable. Automatically turns off after 15 minutes of playtime. Can’t get more convenient and simple than that!
Exercise: Cats are natural predators and love capturing things. This not only increases physical exercise, but also encourages under stimulated cats.


Material: PC/TPU

Weight: About 29g

Size: 310x34mm

Length: 200-310mm

Charging: USB rechargeable battery

NEMI Laser Collar – The ultimate companion for your feline friend. This smart laser teasing cat collar brings endless amusement and interactive training to your pet. With convenient USB charging, it ensures hours of entertainment and exercise for your kitten. Designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts, this interactive toy emits a captivating laser beam that entices playfulness and mental stimulation. The collar’s automatic mode offers hands-free entertainment, giving your cat the exercise they need, even when you’re not around.

41° Revolutionary Adjustable Light Tube for All Fur-Lengths: Don’t let your cat’s long fur get in the way of playtime! The Smart Cat LED Toy has a lengthened and adjustable light head with a range of 41°. This makes it customizable to suit all fur-lengths and ensures that your cat can enjoy the toy to the fullest.